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We are creating the best software in the world for tours & activities!
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Our product is a global web platform for tour & activity professionals.

TourHunter is an innovative project that aims to automate the business process between tour & activity providers, resellers and their customers. Our global user base, marketplace, and booking system create a unique ecosystem. Suppliers, agents, guides, and other professionals can effectively market their services to millions of customers.

Our team

We do our best on making tour & activity professionals happy.

Every day with our help many travel agencies, tour operators and tourists are planning their things to do. In our friendly team, we are looking for professionals who are ready to take part in creating and supporting travel products for millions of users. We appreciate the initiative, we don't make compromises in quality of service, and we do our best to offer valuable products to our customers. And every milestone we celebrate with cheerful parties!

Our values

Our values define who we are as an organisation and what makes us distinctive.

People are the key value of our team and the main source of the company's competitive advantage. We have an amazing multiсurtural team and we care them. So, we want our candidates also have the following skills.



Being a good team member means being able to clearly communicate your ideas with the group. You must be able to convey information via phone, email, and in person. You want to make sure your tone is always professional but friendly. Both verbal and nonverbal communication are important when working with a group in person.


Conflict Management

An important teamwork skill is being able to mediate problems between team members. You need to be able to negotiate with your team members to settle disputes, and make sure everyone is happy with the team's choices.



Another important part of communication is listening well. You need to listen to the ideas and concerns of your peers in order to be an effective team member. By asking questions for clarification, demonstrating concern, and using nonverbal cues, you can show your team members that you care and understand them.


Being Reliable

You want to be a reliable team member so that your coworkers can trust you. Make sure you stick to deadlines, and complete any tasks you are assigned. This will help you gain your colleagues' trust.


Being Respectful

People will be more open to communicating with you if you convey respect for them and their ideas. Simple actions like using a person's name, making eye contact, and actively listening when a person speaks will make the person feel appreciated.

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